Program for Interim Vocational Learning

On the basis of a good faith ambition for the youths to have the opportunity to continue their studies, Vocational Academic Committee under the Ministry of Education of the National Unity Government, Myanmar, had been making plans for the following interim academic programs:

Final Year courses from Technical College, Science and Technical High Schools

Vocational Training on Manufacturing and short-term Technical Courses

In consideration of easier self-learning purposes, lessons will be uploaded on the respective websites where students can find records of lessons in the forms of video, audio files and notes. Students will be able to access files anytime after online registration.

Whereas, lessons for Technical College, First Year and Second Year Science courses, and First Year courses for Technical High School will be continuously compiled and uploaded accordingly.

Vocational Training for Manufacturing and short-term Technical Courses will be made available to anyone interested in learning these courses.


Online Courses starting dates will be announced further.